“The clearest way into the Universe is
through a forest wilderness.”


Luxury Alpine Products was founded in 2017 by Vienna-based entrepreneurs Georg Trattnig and Christian Berger. The business is firmly rooted in the Austrian Alps where both partners were born and raised. Today the two still maintain strong ties to the region – Trattnig’s family presence spans generations and they have proudly maintained the same properties for more than 350 years; in Berger’s case, for more than 100. Despite his busy career in Vienna, in his free time Trattnig remains an avid woodworker and restorer, enjoying nothing more than returning home to undertake ambitious restoration projects. With such a history, it’s no wonder a passion for the mountains is ingrained in their souls.

1 August 2017
LAP Design: The Beginnings

Inspiration struck when Trattnig chanced upon a trove of leftover antlers during a family visit. With the house already fully bedecked, they had been relegated to storage. In a region where residents continue to live off the land, where humans and nature maintain a close if not always harmonious relationship, deer remain an important source of sustenance. For locals, hunting is no mere trophy sport, and all parts of the animal are used. To display the antlers prominently is a mark of respect, a way to honour the spirit of these noble beasts that have provided them with food and so much more. The deer, after all, reigns supreme in the Austrian ecosystem where wolves and bears no longer roam. Families exhibit their antlers, which are akin to treasure, with pride; they represent a tradition that is passed down through the generations. Himself a product of the Alps, Trattnig, who developed a deep love of nature and animals early in his life, recognized that these antlers too deserved admiration and to occupy a central position where they could be celebrated not only as an object of beauty but also for all that they represent.

Having acquired an appreciation for art and design through frequent trips into neighbouring Italy, it occurred to Trattnig and Berger that one further way to honour the deer would be to transform these antlers into pieces of fine art that combine elements of nature with flourishes of luxury. After all, they reasoned, each year tiny Austria attracts millions of visitors from around the globe in search of pristine, untouched wilderness. Why not offer people a symbol that infuses their homes with the spirit of the Alps and transports them back to this place of sublime beauty? Surely during this time of increasing urbanization and an ever-more hectic pace of life, the antlers could serve as a reminder of nature and simplicity. It was in this moment that the concept for Luxury Alpine Products was born.

Although Trattnig and Berger both relocated to the city to pursue successful long-term corporate careers, their entrepreneurial spirit and ties to the Carinthia region have remained strong. Excited by their idea to combine this treasure of the Alps with high design, the partners joined forces with Kai Haselsberger, a Carinthian artist and stone mason who works with materials indigenous to the region. Together the trio collaborated on an initial set of designs that incorporates luxury elements such as 23-karat gold and sterling silver leaf, and highly sought Krastal marble. The result has been breathtaking works of fine art that not only honour the spirit of the deer, but also become the focal point of wherever they adorn. By establishing Luxury Alpine Products, Trattnig and Berger have found a way to deliver a piece of their beloved Alps to customers the world over wishing to share in their beauty.