About Us

Georg Trattnig MBA, MSc
CO-PresIdent and Co-Founder

If it is possible for the Austrian Alps to flow through somebody’s veins, then this is certainly the case with LAP co-founder and co-president Georg Trattnig. Trattnig was raised high in a mountain top village that has been home to his family for some 350 years and enjoyed all that the alpine lifestyle has to offer. Today, having obtained masters degrees in electrical engineering and business administration, he divides his time between a successful marketing career in Vienna and his family properties in the Carinthia region. An entrepreneurial spirit, Trattnig started Luxury Alpine Products to bring together three of his great passions: high design, luxury and pristine nature, and to deliver these to those throughout the world who share in similar tastes.

Christian Berger
CO-PresIdent and Co-Founder

Luxury Alpine Products co-founder and co-president Christian Berger hails from the city of Villach in the Austrian state of Carinthia. Surrounded by mountains on all sides – the Julian and Villacher Alps and the Karawankens – it was only natural that Berger developed a love of nature, climbing and bouldering early on. His family ties too run deep in the region, as proprietors for six generations and 100-plus years of a popular local food production company. While today he lives in Vienna where he has enjoyed a successful, 20-plus year career as a marketing and sales specialist in the telecommunications industry, including founding several start-ups and building an extensive international network, he returns often to the Austrian countryside to indulge his love of nature. Founding Luxury Alpine Products has allowed Berger to combine his enthusiasm for fostering start-ups and global business with his life-long passion for the Alps.

Kai Haselsberger

Kai Haselsberger is Luxury Alpine Products’ chief design expert, artist and creative mind. Born and raised in the Alpine city of Villach near Austria’s borders with neighbouring Slovenia and Italy, he finds artistic inspiration in the region’s sublime and often untouched natural beauty. Haselsberger, who studied art and design in Vienna, has worked predominantly as a stone mason for the past ten years, developing a speciality – and fondness – for using fine luxury materials such as marble and gold leaf in his creations. A multi-talented artist gifted in many creative mediums, he also paints and sculpts in his free time or whenever inspiration happens to strike.