1. Is it possible to commission a custom design?

Yes, Luxury Alpine Products would be happy to create a unique piece that will fulfill your special design needs. Please contact info@LAPDesign.eu if you would like to commission a customized, one-of-a-kind piece especially for you. Note that a deposit will be required before proceeding with custom orders.

2. Where are your products made?

All pieces by Luxury Alpine Products are hand crafted by artisans in Austria using only the highest quality, locally sourced materials.

1. Will my personal information be kept private?

Luxury Alpine Products will not share your personal data with any third parties – it will be used strictly for the purpose of processing your order. Should you wish to subscribe to our newsletter, your opt-in concerning our use of your contact information is required.

2. Where can I hear about Luxury Alpine Products’ latest offerings?

If you would like to hear about Luxury Alpine Products’ latest offerings and news updates, you can subscribe to our newsletter here. You can also follow Luxury Alpine Products on our social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Weibo.